Apps to Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship Alive


Nowadays, people who say that long-distance relationships are a no-no and that 99% of the people who go through it don’t make it are probably people who had nothing do to but write letters, send pictures, make phone calls and maybe make an occasional visit every now and then.

We’re not saying that long-distance relationships are easy, and they’re definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but with today’s technology and culture of constant connectivity, they are a bit easier.

Here are a few apps to make the distance seem much shorter:


Couple App


This app helps couples connect through their phones by sending pictures, sketches and everything else you can find in any other messaging app. But what makes this one different are two features that will have you feeling fulfilled. There’s the “Thought Bubble”, where when you click on it, the app automatically sends a message to your loved one letting them know you’re on their mind.

Cute right? Now listen to this second feature: Whenever you feel like kissing your partner, all you have to do is open the “Thumb Kiss” feature and wait for your partner to join. Once you’re both live on the page, just place your thumb on the screen and your thumbprint is automatically transmitted to your partner’s phone. Wait for your partner to do the same. When he places his thumb over your thumbprint, in exactly one second the screen turns red and vibrates. There you have it, this means you just kissed.

If you think this sounds a bit corny, wait til your loved one is out of town and then you’ll feel the butterflies!


TapTap Wristband


Now this is insane. The TapTap wristband is a new technology created to make couples feel closer with just one tap. They are sold in twos, one for you and one for your loved ones. All you have to do is tap on the wrist band and automatically your partner will feel a vibration.

Genius, right?

After you download the app, you’ll connect both parties to each other, and that’s it. Whenever that loved one comes to mind, remember he’s just a tap away. The cool thing about this band is that is can stay up to 7 days without being charged.

Check out how it works here:


Pillow Talk

Coming soon!

We all know how nights can get lonely, especially when you know your loved one is way across town the planet.

Keep an eye out for this baby. Not only can you be in contact with your loved ones during the day, but you can have them right there, where they’re supposed to be, at night.

Here is how it works:

Both partners each have a ring that you wear to bed – just make sure you’re connected to the app. Automatically, you will receive his/her heartbeat and they will receive yours. Just plug in your headphones or the pillow speaker and as soon as your partner goes to sleep you can hear his heartbeat loud and clear as if he’s right there.


WE SAID THIS: Thank God for technology!