Another Step On The Road To Reform: Saudi Allows Women To Become Taxi Drivers

It seems these days that the whole GCC region is taking a big leap into the future. With all the new events like Saudi Seasons and Expo 2020. Looks like the Gulf countries are leading the way to a better, brighter near future.

Women are finally allowed to be taxi drivers in Saudi Arabia

In the consecutive line of reforms taken by the Saudi Government, women are finally allowed to be taxi drivers in the kingdom. The news was announced on Thursday 7th of January, along with the information that 18 driving schools across the kingdom will open their doors for women who want to get their taxi drivers license.

This means so much for Saudi Arabia collectively. It will diversify the economy for the kingdom, it also means more safety for women who want to participate in public life, since this crucial job is usually male dominant and women taxi drivers will make it more comfortable for other women to go on about their lives.

Women when they were allowed to drive

On a wider spectrum, women were allowed to drive by law in Saudi Arabia back in 2017. They first hit the roads in June 2018, as the whole world was watching. The move had its public backlash as it usually does in conservative countries. But the brighter side of things blinded the hate and the whole move for women driving and having freedom was widely spread.

The 2030 vision

This announcement came in as a part of a bigger reform plan implanted by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for his 2030 vision for Saudi Arabia. Where women are welcomed, encouraged, and protected by law to participate in every aspect of public life.

Moreover, it’s a very big, fruitful effort to modernize The Kingdom and make it more accepting and welcoming to foreigners. This also includes modernization of the whole country whether by hosting more events than ever or building one of the biggest smart cities in the region “Neom”.

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