Amr Youssef Might Have Already Won the 2020 Ramadan Series Race!

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Egypt has always been leading the region when it comes to historical TV series. However, the past few years didn’t witness well made historical series competing in the Ramadan Race. Even Khaled El Nabaway’s ‘Mamalek El Nar’ that was aired recently and garnered the attention of millions of fans across the Arab world wasn’t aired in Ramadan.

Amr Youssef could change the game this year, as he’s returning with what could be the most anticipated TV series of Ramadan 2020! He’ll be taking on the lead role of one of the most popular and loved historical figures in the Arabic and Islamic World; Khalid Bn El Walid.

This Ramadan, the race is already fierce with a huge list of A-listers joining the competition with star-packed series. But while everyone will be competing in comedy, drama, and action, Amr Youssef will be somewhere else entirely with this promising project.

The series is adapted from Abbas El Akkad’s famous “Abkareyet Khalid”, and is written by Eslam Hafez. It’s directed by the talented Raouf Abdel Aziz and produced by Tamer Morsy. It features Baioumy Fouad, Pasant Shawky, Lubna Wanas, and Ahmed Azmy.

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