Amr Waked Stars Alongside Julia Stiles in ‘Riviera’ and Here’s Why You Need to Watch It

Okay so, TV shows are like my thing. Honest to God, they really are. I’m at the point where watching TV shows I haven’t seen before qualifies as being productive. One day, after a long day of work I got home with two things and only two things in my mind, ordering bad food for myself on Otlob (obviously) and watching something new and exciting — which is how I stumbled upon Riviera.


If you, like me, did not know what Riviera is, fasten your seat belt because you’re in for a very, very wild ride. Sky Atlantic’s latest offering is a super-stylish thriller which, as its name suggests, is set in the sun-kissed and super-rich world of the Cote d’Azur. Below are reasons (more like beautiful human beings) why you should watch it.



Amr Waked is in it


Via Riviera


Egyptian actor Amr Waked, Egypt’s biggest international star, plays a French detective investigating the yacht explosion that precipitates the plot of the high-profile TV crime series. Waked’s role in Riviera is no secondary one, but a main one — which should be an enough reason for you to watch it.



Julia Stiles is also in it


Via Riviera


The 10 Things I Hate About You actress stars as Georgia Clios, a widowed American art dealer whose billionaire husband is killed in an explosion on a yacht owned by a Russian arms dealer. As an Arab, the fact that one of my favorite actresses from one of my favorite romantic comedies growing up spends a big chunk of the show interacting with Egypt’s very own Waked makes me feel happy and proud at the same time.



Oh, and Iwan Rheon is also on it


Via Riviera


As a Game of Thrones fanatic, finding out that Ramsay Bolton is in Riveria was the cherry on top of the cake. Rheon plays the role of Adam Clios, the son of Irina and Constantine, who aspires to lead a simple lifestyle as a writer.



WE SAID THIS: I’ve watched the first two episodes, and I honestly love it so far. If you were a fan of The Night Manager, you cannot miss this show.