Amr Diab Posted a Picture of Himself with Dina El-Sherbini, and a New Meme Was Born

Via Facebook


Okay so, Amr Diab tweeted a picture yesterday of himself and his “work team” for his upcoming movie, and the the world instantly changed — particularly because of Dina El-Sherbini’s presence next to him.


Everyone in Egypt, along with the Arab world, have long thought that Amr and Dina were together, even if the couple themselves never announced their union publicly. The picture Amr tweeted last night did not help, as the Internet absolutely lost it and tweets/memes flooded our feeds.



Below are our favorite ones:


The post reads: What a work team that is…



The post reads: Isn’t that your wife, Amr?



The post reads: Work team? Are you kidding us, Amr, we’re not that dumb.



The post reads: Oh, how much we love the work team, and the Pisces girl.



The post reads: New work, ha?



The post reads: You definitely want the movie to end in 10 years so you can keep using the same “work team” excuse.




WE SAID THIS: “Work team” is our new favorite word.

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