Did Amr Diab Just Respond to Sherine Abdel Wahab’s Shade Throwing?

Via Amr Diab
Via Sherine


A few days back, a video leaked of songstress Sherine Abdel Wahab basically throwing shade at el-hadaba Amr Diab by calling him “old” during a wedding. Fortunately, Abdel Wahab has apologized since then, but has Diab replied to her?


Well, we here at Scoop Empire believe that he did just that with his latest Instagram video. No? Well, let’s take it step by step.


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Diab rarely posts pictures of himself in the gym (yes, he does it every now and again but he’s not in a shab or a douchebaggy way), and his latest video that he took was posted a day or two after the Abdel Wahab incident. Is it merely a coincidence? We think not.


The “Tamaly Ma3ak” singer is shown going at it with a battle exercise rope, as well as doing an intense session of squatting, at the very end of the video, he walks to the camera, looks at it (or Abdel Wahab more like it), and flashes out his guns, as a way to say, “This is how old looks like.”



WE SAID THIS: We obviously cannot 100% prove any of this, but what are the odds of him posting a video like that? And if this isn’t him replying back at Abdel Wahab, the video is still content worth watching. Let us know what you think in the comments section.