American Film ‘The Chosen Guard’ to Be Shot in Egypt Featuring Youssef Mansour

A scene from Exodus: Gods and Kings that was attacked for being whitewashed.


Last night, Action Film International announced that it will be producing a feature-length movie in Om El Donya. Yes, right here in Egypt. The film is going to be titled The Chosen Guard, and it shall have an American production team working on it, but all the cast and crew will be Egyptians. Looks like someone learned Ridley Scott’s lesson and doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake as Exodus: Gods and Kings.


According to Enterprise, the film will include martial arts, car chases, big dance numbers, and of course, lots of action. Auditions for The Chosen Guard will be held in Cairo during March so they can start shooting by April.


Youssef Mansour back in the day.


The film is going to star Egypt’s very own martial arts king Youssef Mansour. Not only that, Mansour is also rumored to co-direct the film with American director, award-winning writer and choreographer Courtney Miller who was worked with the likes of Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.


Courtney Miller on the set of Cheetah Girls


The Chosen Guard will tell the modern day story of a man who has been chosen by ancient Egyptian Gods to defend the Golden Temple. The film will aim to show how beautiful Egypt is, how hospitable its people are and much more. This is a great move to boost the much-needed tourism in this country.




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