All About “5 Gawlat” The Upcoming Egyptian Film Taking On MMA 

The Egyptian entertainment industry has been flourishing with films and TV shows catering to the younger generation, many of which tackle relatable issues. One that has caught a lot of attention has been “5 Gawlat” or “5 Rounds”, an upcoming film project that will be the first to take on the world of mixed martial arts in an Egyptian setting.

Written by Mohamed Abdel Moati and directed by Maze Ashraf, the film is set to star young actors, Ahmed El Sharkway, Nour El Nabawy and Dalia Shawky, along with veteran actor, Majed El Masry and renowned singer, Aida el Ayoubi.

The cast has been dropping teasers about the project since May of 2022 when Shawky took to Instagram to hint at the upcoming sports saga with a behind-the-scenes shot of her alongside El Nabawy and El Sharkawy by the Alexandria beach.

Just this past Saturday, Feb. 25, the production company, ALLAMZ dropped a teaser video for the film showcasing an air of mystery paired with intense competition in the ring. Though not much else has been revealed about what each actor will be playing in the film, it is expected for an Eid Al-fitr release; making it the first Egyptian film to truly tackle the idea of MMA in Egypt.

Via Masrawy

Until then, you can catch Sharkawy in Yosra’s upcoming light-hearted Ramadan show, “Hamdella Ala El Salama” or “Welcome Back” and El Masry’s reuniting once again with Ghada Abdel Razek in Ramdan’s drama ” Telet El Talata” in addition to “Darb Naar” with Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Ahmed El Awaadi.

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