All We Can Say Is Makansh El3asham Ya Dhafer

This year we’ve been blessed with a serene, classy and calm world of gorgeous women and well-mannered men called Layali Eugenie. The TV series took us on time travel journey where wall tiles, curtains, dresses, and hairdos added romance to everything.

Just the fact that the series starred two of television’s most stunning actors, Amina Khalil and Dhafer L’abidine, added magic and glamour to every scene. And while we were feeling Kariman and Farid’s marriage struggles, last night we felt more disappointed and angered than we probably should.

Farid and Aida’s marriage was doomed from the beginning since she’s his brother’s widow and it is obviously an arranged marriage. However, infidelity is definitely not the answer especially when your wife is CARMEN BSAIBES. We know love happens when you least expect it, but we don’t see ourselves forgiving Farid or Kariman any time soon.

ليالي اوجيني

"ثم أيقن أن الحب حين يأتي، يأتي دون اشعار مسبق "والنبي هو بس يأتي بالمنظر ده مش لازم يدق!! ?#ليالي_اوچيني #ليالي_اوجيني #رمضان٢٠١٨ #ظافر_العابدين #امينة_خليل #beelinkproductions #layalieugenie #dhaferlabidine #aminakhalil #ramadan2018 #eaglefilms

Posted by ‎Layali Eugenie series – مسلسل ليالي اوجيني‎ on Sunday, June 3, 2018

How dare you Dhafer and Amina!!!!! We love you but hate you. Carmen is our leading lady this month.

WE SAID THIS: Don’t you dare break her heart!