All is Fair in Love and Memes: The Cairo Bridge Edition!

Memes are circulating the feeds of different social media platforms after the pictures got out of the construction of a bridge in Al-Haram district; the bridge is built literally centimeters away from residential buildings! Although this is a serious matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly, people still found a way to show their shock and surprise with humor.

Here are the top memes that were created to highlight the ridiculousness bridge and question the consequences.

Reads: That’s what will happen when people pass by the bridge!
Reads: Residents of the fourth floor will have a great opportunity to host a station!
Reads: What did they have in mind when they designed that?
Reads: Let’s look at the bright side, at least we can wait under it for the micro buses, away from the sun.
Reads: What’s your address?
King Salman Bridge, Al Haram, Fourth Flour
Over or under the brige?
Reads: When your budget is EGP 1.25

WE SAID THIS: Which is your favorite meme?

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