Ahmed El-Ghandour Says Goodbye to AJ+ After 3 Years, But Where Is He Headed?

Yesterday, one of the Arab world’s most-watched Youtube hosts, Egyptian Ahmed El-Ghandour, announced the end of his show “El Daheeh” with AJ+. Fans all over social media were taken by surprise at the news, with many saying that his show was their favorite source of information, the only show they can watch regardless of the length of the episode, and the most entertaining yet informative show on the internet. However, El-Ghandour’s tweet said, “See you soon in a new adventure”, giving his fans hope to see him again in a new light.

After this announcement, Ahmed El-Ghandour was trending on Twitter, with many stating that the controversy on his sources was the reason for this sudden halt to the show, others showing support and thanking him for his show, and some predicting his next step.

From humanities to history and psychology, to many more, El Daheeh’s content was super diverse, and with every new episode, it just kept getting better. We’ve selected our favorite episodes, so scroll down and enjoy watching!

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