Ahmed El-Fishawy Snaps at Journalists At 34th Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival

If you think celebrating film and cinema ended along with The Gouna’s Film Festival, you couldn’t be more wrong. Apparently, Egypt now has a festival season and it just began. Last night, the 34th Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Several artists were honored from Greece, Syria, and Egypt including Egyptian actor Farouk El-Fishawy, who sadly announced his current battle against cancer.

Yet, his son steals the headlines after being caught on camera snapping at journalists on the red carpet. The video doesn’t show events that led to such an outburst, yet we can only imagine being cramped by cameras and journalists while trying to stay next to your wife is troubling.

Another video that surfaced and is currently going viral is one that shows Fishawy’s wife, Nada Kamel, helping her obviously upset husband and according to social media users, she was fixing his shoes’ tie. She might be simply getting something off the floor, but you all know how dramatic social media tends to be. Either way, we love this curvaceous girl.

الحب ميعرفش رسميات.. ندى الكامل تربط حذاء زوجها أحمد الفيشاوي في مهرجان الإسكندرية

الحب ميعرفش رسميات.. #ندى_الكامل تربط حذاء زوجها #أحمد_الفيشاوي في #مهرجان_الإسكندرية

Posted by ‎المصري اليوم‎ on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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