After Two Years of Absence, Egypt’s TV Host, Tawfik Okasha, Is back

Via: Egypt Independent

By Nada Hamouda

Egypt’s controversial TV host, Tawfik Okasha, is returning back to host his TV program, Misr Al Youm, Arabic for Egypt Today, on Al-Assema channel. The first episode is scheduled to be aired on Tuesday 12th of June.

The TV program’s trailer appeared two days ago on the channel, promoting the date of the broadcasting. However, it appeared that he’s going to follow his former talk show’s technique with him sitting behind a desk and talking directly to the audience with Egypt’s flag in the background. The program will air two days per week; Tuesday and Wednesday.

Okasha disappeared from the media platforms in March 2016 after an unauthorized meeting he had held with the Israeli ambassador in Cairo. Consequently, his parliament membership was withdrawn. Nevertheless, the Faraeen channel, owned by Okasha, got suspended after the public started accusing him of treason.

WE SAID THIS: Prepare yourself, you all. Fun time is back on TV!