After The Oscar Nomination, Nadine Labaki is now Working on a Documentary for Capernaum!

Via Mille World

While Arab men abroad like Mohamed Salah and Rami Malek are making us very proud of their achievements, Lebanese Filmmaker Nadine Labaki is doing just the same!

Her groundbreaking movie, Capernaum, was a blockbuster by all means.

In addition to the Oscar nomination, the movie is the highest grossing Arabic film, and the highest grossing Middle Eastern film of all time! It garnered $64 million worldwide, against a production budget of only $4 million!

The movie was the most successful in China, where it was a surprise blockbuster and earned more than $52 million! In addition to being nominated to the Palm d’Or prize, in Cannes Film Festival, it won the Jury Prize!

The movie tells the story of a 12 year old Syrian kid who’s suing his parents for neglect as they’re serving a five-year sentence in prison. With all the mentioned success of the movie, Nadine is not yet over with her ‘mission’. She wants her work to be a catalyst for social change. She doesn’t only want to raise awareness, she wants real change on policy level!

Nadine announced that she will be producing a feature-length documentary tracing the making of the movie. The team filmed 520 hours of footage over six months, following three years of research, followed by two years of editing.

Yet, Nadine thinks she still has more work to do! Check out our full review for Capernaum here.

WE SAID THIS: Fiction indeed can become a reality.

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