After Death of Marcelle Haroun, Only Five Jews Remain in Egypt

By Mai Aljazairy

Marcelle was a Jewish woman who lived in Egypt until she passed away last Saturday. She was a loving mother and the widow of the late Shehata Haroun, who was an anti-zionist. After her passing, only five Jews remain in Egypt now.

The remaining Jews, who are senior citizens, are making efforts to preserve the country’s Jewish heritage and rennovate its synagogues. Thats why Magda established Drop of milk . They are worried that after they die, people will forget that Jews ever used to live in Egypt. Thus, they are aiming to teach upcoming generations about their legacy.

They mentioned on their facebook page that what they mainly aim for is educating the youth on “ inter-faith understanding and tolerance using the example of the time when Egypt’s Muslims, Christians and Jews were living together in peace and harmony.”

WE SAID THIS: May her soul rest in peace.