Ad-dicted: Now That’s An Underwear Ad


We have been bombarded with commercials for Boxers and underwear these past couple months, and to say the least they lack a lot of class and taste.

I don’t want to be sitting in my living room listening to a trashy rhyme while men of all different sizes are parading around in boxers and tighty-whities.

In comes Fruit of the Loom, a well known international undergarments company, with what i would like to call probably one of the best commercials signifying why comfortable underwear is important.

Jumping onto the Olympic bandwagon they launched their campaign stressing on the ease of movement and durability of the underwear through different types of Athletes.

I have to say the ad is definitely well shot and executed, and has pretty much done its job! I now want to be a professional athlete that wears Fruit of the Loom!