AD-dicted: Etganen Ma3 CocaCola

There are very few people left in this world that do things for others, without waiting for something in return. When one does come across those, hold onto them! They have magical powers like leprechauns, make sure they take you to that pot of gold though!

Ok onto the real point, Coca-Cola’s latest campaign is all about those amazing citizens who live their lives giving back to a better future for our country! Be it blowing up balloons for street children, encouraging people to stay in their lanes, or simply walking around with a smiley face on your head, all these little acts of kindness actually would brighten up anybody’s day.

The slogan says it perfectly “If these acts are considered crazy? Then be crazy!”

We couldn’t agree more, instead of shoving Coke as a brand down our throats; this if anything makes us feel more loyal to the conglomerate that is out to better peoples lives (even if it’s just on face value)

We Said This: Get Crazy!