Abu Dhabi Steps Up Its Recycling Game Reusing 7,000 Tonnes of Old Tires

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It’s crazy what people are doing to mother earth! You see horrible videos every day of what humans have done to the environment all around the globe. However, some initiatives give us some hope for the “bright” future we’re heading towards.

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. استمراراً لجهود #تدوير لإيجاد حلول صديقة للبيئة ومستدامة، قام مصنع الخليج للمطاط التابع ل#تدوير بإعادة تدوير 6954.33 طن من الإطارات المستعملة خلال الأشهر الثمانية الأولى من العام الجاري بواقع 28 طن يومياً. حيث يقوم المصنع بتوظيف أحدث تكنولوجيا تدوير الإطارات خلال عملية انتاجية تسمى عملية التفتيت لتدوير الإطارات المستعملة إلى مركب مطاط عالي الجودة يستخدم بديلاً عن المطاط الطبيعي وبإضافة خطوط للقولبة والتشكيل قادرة على إنتاج العديد من منتجات المطاط ذات القيمة المضافة. للاطلاع ومعرفة المزيد عن منتجاتنا، زورونا في جناح تدوير في معرض ايكوويست 2019 من 14 الى 17 يناير 2019 In line with its efforts to provide sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in the emirate of #AbuDhabi, #Tadweer’s Gulf Rubber Factory recycled a total of 6,954.33 tons of used tires in the first eight months of 2018, averaging 28 tons per day. The factory uses cutting-edge tire recycling technologies through a process called crumbing to convert shredded used tires into a high-quality rubber compound for use as an alternative to natural rubber as well as in molding and manufacturing value-added rubber products. To know more about our products, visit Tadweer’s stand in EcoWaste2019 from 14th until 17 January 2019

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Over the first eight months of the year, Abu Dhabi recycled close to 7,000 tonnes of used vehicle tires; that’s about 420,000 used tires! The tires underwent a complex process of cutting, shredding, and purification before being converted into compounds known as crumb rubber. This was executed by Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre; Tadweer. They can then be used as an alternative to natural rubber as well as being used in flooring for sports grounds and children’s playgrounds.

“The facility ensures the safe disposal of used and damaged tires in the emirate, eliminating the need for methods such as burning or landfills, that have severe environmental and public health consequences. In addition, the factory saves millions of Dirhams in raw material costs,” said Salem Al Kaabi, Acting General Manager at Tadweer.

WE SAID THIS: We hope to see more initiatives like this everywhere!