A Whirlwind of Winter Activities Around The Middle East

Imagine this, glistening snowcapped mountains, pristine turquoise lakes and endless lapping sandy dunes as far as meets the eye. By hitting up the Middle East this winter, you’ll be able to visit these spots and not just that but also tap into your active side by taking part in some adrenaline-fueled adventures. From snow sledding across the northwestern mountains of Tabuk to skiing across Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, the region is becoming the ultimate hot destination to hit up this winter.

A Dose Of Snow Sledding & Camel Rides At Tabuk

Nothing beats the rush you’d get from speeding down a snowy hill, a beloved pastime known as snow sledding. A fun activity in itself but one that reaches a whole new level of excitement when the activity is taken all the way to the snowy mountains of Tabuk. Saudi is not the place you would think of when it comes to snow-fueled activities but the Kingdom is becoming a hub for all sorts of winter sports.

Before taking part in some much-needed sledding, you can make the trip to Tabuk a fun experience in itself. By renting a 4×4, you can enjoy an exhilarating ride through the winding trail of the mountains before arriving at Jabal Al Lawz, considered the highest peak at Tabuk. Capping it off by getting your sled ready and gliding across the snow-covered trail for an unforgettable ride.

In that same snowy spot, you can take part in a truly novel experience by hopping on a towering camel and enjoying a snowy excursion across the ice-capped plains of Tabuk. Up there, sitting two meters high, you’ll get to marvel at unobstructed views of Saudi’s enchanting landscapes while enjoying the cool breeze of the icy plains.

Time To Kayak & Mountain Bike At Hatta

Nestled within the UAE is a picturesque little village by the name of Hatta, a nature lover’s haven home to stunning mountains and sparkling lagoons. It’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubai and only an hour and a half away from the Emirate. To fully immerse yourself in everything Hatta has to offer, we recommend taking part in some action-packed activities.

The mountainous area of Hatta is known to be home to several cross-country cycle routes that cater to all types of bikers, from beginners all the way to advanced riders. These trails are free to access and are easy to navigate because of having clear markers to direct riders. By hopping on a mountain bike, you’ll get to experience the winding pathways of hills and wadis as you journey along the rich terrain. An average ride can take about two to three hours so it’s recommended that riders begin their journey at 6 am to avoid the scorching sun. Following the ride, to cool off you can take a dip in one of the pools along the trail.

For a more laid-back experience, kayaking across the Hatta Dam should be on your list of activities. Sitting across from the towering mountains are Hatta’s calm turquoise waters, a place where many take up kayaking for the ultimate dose of relaxation amid picturesque natural landscapes. With their daily timing being from 7 am to 9 pm, guests can even enjoy a majestic sunset while paddling across the water.

Zip & Zap Across The Atlas Mountains

Like Saudi Arabia, Morocco is one of those few rare spots where you can spend time in the desert one day and go skiing the next. Home to one of the most diverse landscapes from sandy beaches to full-blown deserts, it’s also home to high-altitude snowcapped mountains. With it being winter season, skiing at Morocco’s Atlas Mountains should be high on your bucket list. For a needed dose of skiing fun, you can head to some of Morocco’s best ski slopes including Ifrane, Oukaimeden and Tazaghart. With the winter season already taken off, it’s time to get your hands on some gloves, ski poles, goggles and skis and head to Morocco as the season only lasts until April.

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Hop On For A Horseback Ride Along Fayoum’s Terrains

Considered one of the oldest cities in Egypt, Fayoum is a special oasis; home to some of the oldest relics in the world as well as the most diverse terrain from vibrant greenery to the crystal blue waters of Lake Qarun and the sand dunes of the desert. There is so much to do in Fayoum whether checking out prehistoric fossils at the Valley of the Wales or taking part in pottery classes at Tunis village. If you are the kind of person who craves something more adventurous that also gives you a tour of the oasis, then a horseback ride is well due. One of the best routes to take on horseback begins from the farmlands and ends at Lake Qarun. With it being such a popular activity, several tour options are available with varying prices including Les Chevaux Du Lac’s tour.

Get Your Camping Gear Ready & Head To Yitti Beach

Oman has got it all, home to expansive mountains, deserts, wadis and crystal blue beaches, making it the perfect spot for a night spent under the stars. The weather is an added bonus, being cool enough to enjoy the outdoors. When it comes to where to pitch your tent, options are plenty as Oman offers not one but eleven camping spots scattered across its diverse terrain. For a unique take on your typical camping trip, a great option would be to set your gaze on the glistening waters of its gulf.

Yitti beach is a top contender being only a 40-minute drive from Muscat and home to a rich landscape that combines the endless blue horizon of the sea with the towering majesty of cliffs. At this spot, there’s the beach on one side, craggy cliffs on another and a palm-fringed village on the other. For the ultimate spot to set up your tent, you should aim to pitch it well back behind the tide line with the surrounding trees offering shade and the cliffs offering protection from harsh winds. With your camping spot set up, sit back, enjoy, maybe do some barbecuing and take in the serene peace and quiet of nature.

With winter only lasting a couple of months, there is no better time to pack your bags and prepare for a winter-fueled action-packed adventure at any of the region’s hottest destinations. With such a trip, you’ll get to unwind, re-charge and be ready to come back to the daily hustle and bustle of life back home.

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