A Second Grader Loses His Sight To Corporal Punishment by his Teacher in Assiut!

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By Salma Maher

Another student falls prey to the distorted teaching techniques in Egypt. A teacher in Assiut caused a ‘permanent disability’ to one of his second primary students as a result of haphazardly waving a wooden stick around the class. On Nov. 20th, 2017, a complaint was filed by the school principal against the teacher for causing severe eye-damage to the student.

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After investigating the incident, Egypt’s Administrative Prosecution referred the teacher to an urgent trial. As for the principal, he was referred to the disciplinary committee for not reporting the incident as soon as it happened.

Egypt has witnessed many incidents regarding this matter, and so the Ministry of Education has been sending warnings to schools all over the country against using any form of physical violence with students. Bearing in mind that corporal punishment is considered illegal according to the 1998 ministerial decree 591.

WE SAID THIS: Let’s hope this will be the last time we hear of tragic school incidents in Egypt.