A Scoop of: The General Manager of VuClip, Abe Shady Abo El Naga!

During the 10th edition of the Creative Industry Summit, everyone got the chance to learn and listen to some of the most pioneering and innovative minds in the entire industry, locally, regionally, and internationally! There was a chance to participate in talks and debates that are guaranteed to influence one’s mind and reshape how one thinks.

We got to interview a bunch of leading icons in different fields, one of them, happens to be the Middle East General Director of VuClip, Abe Shady Abo El Naga! Anyone who’s interested in media production in the region would learn a lot from this man.

Check out the interview below, and let us what you think the comments’ section!

WE SAID THIS:  We can’t wait to see Arab content competing on the international level.