A Scoop of Mosalsalat: Did Mohamed Ramadan’s Daughter Just Steal the Show in ‘El Brens’?

Via Hawacom TV

This year’s Ramadan series race is, by all means, on fire! There are tons of interesting projects that get more exciting with each new episode. While some artists fell short of expectations, many others showcased extraordinary talents and secured their place as key players of the Ramadan season in the future!

A rising star that stole the show and became the only topic in town is Fareeda Hossam, the beautiful young girl that plays the role of Radwan El Brens’ daughter in Mohamed Ramadan’s “El Brens”. The series is turning out to be one of the most popular series of this year’s Ramadan race, and its videos are trending literally everyday.

In yesterday’s episode, Fathy, Radwan El Brens’ brother, heartlessly dropped Radwan’s daughter in the middle of the street. The girl won everyone’s heart and brought us all to tears with her remarkable acting skills!

The video soon became number one on YouTube’s trending list in Egypt, and people took to different social media platforms to praise the amazing performance of the young artist. Since then Fareeda appeared in several interviews to talk about her amazing role, and people are now head-over-heels in love with this sweetheart.

The series has shed light on the acting skills of a lot of actors and actresses as they’re all literally on top of their game. Big names like Ahmed Zaher, Nour, Rogeina, Edward, and rising stars like Reem Samy, Ahmed Dash, and Khaled El Mestekawy, all have taken things to the next level in their careers with this project!

WE SAID THIS: This girl is going to be a superstar one day!