A Scoop of Hope: Historic Cairo Kicks Off a Cleaning Campaign in El-Imam El-Shafei

Our beautiful and modern urban city, Cairo, is actually the center of the Islamic world. Since the 14th century, Old Cairo reached its golden age thanks to the building of famous mosques, madrasas, hammams, and fountains; no other city is home to such rich architecture and heritage. However, throughout the years, this historic district has faced physical and socio-economic deterioration, varying between vandalism, looting, and illegal construction with very minimal effort to revitalize it. Historic Cairo is doomed to disappear if we don’t do more to protect it.

Luckily, there’s always a beam of hope. A group of young men who are passionate about their country’s history are trying to preserve what’s left of their heritage, so they took the matter to their hand and literally started cleaning all the dirt from Fatimid’s historical Qubba El Haswaty and the magnificent Mihrab at El-Imam El-Shafei. We hope to see more of this!

WE SAID THIS: A big thank you to Zizo Abdou, Mustafa Al-Sadeq, Omar Al-Noumany, and everyone else who took part in the process.