A Playful Chat With Mohamed Rashed, 2oolameme’s Sales Manager At Techne Summit

While walking along this year’s Techne Summit, an event all about boosting the startup scene in the MENA region, one booth, in particular, caught our eye. It was “2oolameme”, Egypt’s hottest gaming startup about creating games catered to the young Egyptian community. Speaking to Sales Manager, Mohamed Rashed, he told us how the brand was born out of quarantine days. Noticing a gap in the market for games for an Arab audience, 2oolameme launched with the intention to hone in on just that. With its very first game, “2oolameme”, its concept was all about matching life situation cards with hilarious meme cards like Mohammed Henedy’s known saying “Hazb We Allah We Neam El Wakeel.”

He went on to tell us about their second game, “Ool Aw Aamil”, an Arab take on truth or dare where all their ideas for it came from the 2oolameme fanbase. “All these games are Arab through and through,” said Ali. When we asked him what’s next, he teased how the brand is not stopping anytime soon as they are planning on releasing two new games next week, one of which is a funny take on rapid-fire questions where each player will be put on the hot seat, having to answer controversial questions like, “which side of your family do you prefer?” or “which one of your friends will disappear from the friend group once they get married?”

It was a great chat showcasing how with a bit of creativity, young enthusiastic minds can create new and exciting concepts that perfectly fit into the culture and needs of the Arab community. We can’t wait to see who else we will meet at this promising entrepreneurial event.

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