A Mysteriously Trending Hashtag Has Put Kafr El-Sheikh on the Map and the Memes are Pure Gold

Kafr El-Sheikh isn’t a place that you’d expect to see trending on Twitter. This morning it was one of the top trends in Egypt, and no one knew why. We’d love to find the person who started this trend just to ask him for the reason behind it.

Kafr El-Sheikh is an Egyptian governorate situated in the western part of the Nile Delta. The city’s name literally means ‘village of the chief’. It was home to the revolutionary leader Saad Zaghloul, Lake Burullus, and Abu Al Makarem mosque, among other historical sites.

Here are some of our fav memes from today’s trend!

“Answer me, why is Kafr El-Sheikh trending”
“When I open Twitter and see Kafr El-Sheikh trending”
“You guys are getting us excited about the trend but you’ll tell us why it’s trending, right?
“When you realize that Kafr El-Sheikh is trending
So you click on the hashtag to understand why it’s trending
But you find everyone tweeting about, asking why it’s trending”
“Kafr El-Sheikh is trending? It’s the first time I see Kafr El-Sheikh trending”

Even Wael Ghonim tweeted about it, passing on a warm greeting to the residents of Kafr El-Sheikh.

Wael Ghonim greeting the residents of Kafr El-Sheikh this morning

We said this: Were you part of today’s trend?