A Must See: These Videos Arised from Egypt’s Deep Web and They’re Absolutely Hilarious!

Have you ever heard the expression deep web and found yourself clueless? Well, Facebook just taught every member of the social media platform the true meaning of depth and content.

Our guilty-pleasure, Facebook, is like this slowly decaying land that hosts thousands of parasites that keep morbidly multiplying, evolving and slowly but surely changing how we perceive normal.

Every single day we come across hundreds of meaningless video content and they are usually a single man’s effort but not today. This time there is a producer, Iraqi scriptwriter, actors cast, tons of makeup layers, and a buffet with green drinks, and its epic. There are simply no words to describe the scenes created by “director” Haitham Abdallah.

This viral video shows a group of strange dysfunctional couples slow dancing/harassing to an Indian song. While we find this super refreshing in the entertainment department, we can’t help but wonder if this is a serious project. This is an indication that you should believe in your dream against all odds, budget and makeup skills. This is the deep web 101.

Watch the videos of the year below:

Saans اخراج هيثم عبد الله

Posted by ‎هيثم عبد الله‎ on Sunday, April 29, 2018

برومو اللعنة الحلقه الثانيه تاليف الكاتبه العراقيه سوزان يوسف اخراج هيثم عبد الله

Posted by ‎هيثم عبد الله‎ on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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