A Look at Promotional Bags for Travel Agencies

Travel agencies can take advantage of different types of travel bags and use them as promotional items. Travelers prefer companies that are compassionate about their needs. Therefore, giving them freebies in the form of travel bags or even selling high-quality bags to them will have a major and direct impact on your business. Furthermore, this effort will increase your brand acceptance and recognition by all potential customers. After all, clients usually come looking for an agency that will give them a gift on their way out.

Designing the Best Promotional Travel Bag

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As we are going to see shortly, there are many different types of travel bags. But all should have a high-quality and durable design to withstand the strain put on them during traveling. The majority of them are made of strong canvas materials although leather travel bags are also becoming popular. For travel agencies that are looking for the best material to promote their brand, travel cases made of reinforced PVC will also work.

Bag sizes depend on their use. Hiking bags should fit well on someone’s back, and they must have all the compartments necessary to organize hiking gear.

For travel agencies that are looking for freebies to give to their customers, they can design clear toiletry bags printed with a logo or small sack bags for dirty clothes among other types of bags. The good thing with these small bags is that they are affordable and effective at the same time.

Best Promotional Bags for Travel Agencies

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Cooler bags – these bags can be sold or given to loyal customers. They have a higher cost of production, but you can rest assured that they will promote your brand effectively. Today, it is easy to buy such bags from wholesale cooler bags UK for your agency’s use or for giving to your loyal customers.

  • Toiletry bags – these are the easiest type of promotion bag to give to almost every person who comes in through your office door. They are the most cost-effective in this category. The bags are usually made of a clear PVC that is printed with your company logo and any other intended message.
  • Sack bags – this type of bag is a marketing game-changer for a travel agency. They come in different sizes to suit the needs of different clients. They can also be given to clients, who will help you to promote your brand wherever they travel.
  • Travel cases – many travel agencies have partnered with experienced travel case manufacturers to add the travel agency logos to the cases before they are sold. Apart from selling them, an agency can gift a few to their loyal customers or the highest spender in a year.

Custom promotional bags for travel agencies are very effective marketing tools. However, all this requires a thorough plan. The secret is in going the extra mile on top of what the competitors are offering already.

If you take advantage of these tips, your company will experience growth every day. Within a short time, your website will have high traffic as people try to find out more about your company. Most importantly, the conversion rate of potential customers to loyal customers will be very high as well.

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