A Human-Less Smart Police Station Is About To Open In Dubai!

By Yasmeen Badawy

Dubai Silicon Oasis has announced a partnership with Dubai Police to establish the city’s first smart police station. This smart police station will be the first station of its kind to feature no actual human police officers of any kind.

However, it will provide all the standard Dubai Police Services including 27 traffic and crime-related services and 33 other community-related services without the need for any human interaction. The fact that this police station will be cop-less will give it greater flexibility for both residents and tourists.

Via Youtube

Among the services that will be provided is the ability to open a criminal case, request the issuance of various certificates and permits, submitting lost and found inquiries, as well as allowing found items to be left at the station for collection. In an official statement from Dubai Media Office it was revealed that the project should be up and running in some form later this year with more just than the currently planned Silicon Oasis location on the cards. The DSOA will identify optimal locations for the smart police centers while Dubai Police will handle all logistical and development aspects of the project, providing the necessary technology and software to operate the centers.

WE SAID THIS: Soon enough we won’t need humans for pretty much anything!