A Fire Took Place in Dubai and HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum is our Super Hero

After a horrific fire took place in a house in Dubai and seven siblings sadly passed away HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid took it upon himself to make sure everyone in Dubai is safe and that all building are equipped with fire safety kits in case of emergencies. Not only did he announce this, but also he announced that any family that can not afford the safety kits, the authorities of Dubai will cover all costs needed to implement the kits in all houses.

Our condolences are sent out to the family, and Sheikh Mohammed you are the nation’s hero!

The Tweets read: “We were shocked today by the death of seven of our children in a house fire. Our condolences to the people of the UAE for the death of Shawq, Khalifa, Ahmed, Ali, Sheikha, Sara, and Samia Said El-Saidi Sons. We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return. Our children dominate our souls that are now wounded so is the whole nation. In paradise may they be, in God’s will.”

“Today, the Civil Defense of the State has made it urgent to ensure that fire protection systems are in place directly connected with the Civil Defense in all citizens’ homes. The government must pay its cost to those who can not afford. Our citizens are the most valuable thing we have and their lives are the lives of the homeland. Security and safety are a priority for us and for all who work in our governments.”

WE SAID THIS: May everyone in Dubai stay safe and thank you your Royal Highness!