A Delicious Round Up Of Egypt’s Vegan Friendly Spots

On Feb.10 is World Pulses Day; celebrating everything from chickpeas to lentils, honoring their value. All over the world, the vegan movement is growing and becoming more commonplace with all-vegan restaurants and cafes popping up across different cities and towns where their diet, a huge part of it is enjoying beans through all of its forms. Whether it’s refried to make a burger or crunchy and spread into a salad.

In Egypt alone, there has been a huge boom in all things vegan from vegan ice cream to vegan products like faux meat and chicken lining the shelves of supermarkets. In light of this special month, we have curated a collection of Egypt’s top plant-based food spots to hit up.


Made In Health

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Nestled along the narrow street that forks off Zamalek’s El Gezira El Wosta is Made In Health, the ultimate dining hub for vegans that made a special appearance in one of the episodes of The Eater hosted by Mourad Makram. Inside its cozy interiors, you’ll get to dine on many vegan specialties at any time of the day whether its their vegan pancakes for breakfast, packed with oats, bananas, chia seeds and the like or a hearty lunch of plant-based burgers and nutrient-rich salads.

For more information, you can give them a call using this number: 0102 729 3969

Vegan In Our House

For all the vegans out there, Maadi’s Vegan In Our House has to be on your list; known as one of the most popular restaurants serving vegan-only dishes to the masses, it is every vegan’s paradise as every dish imaginable is available from chicken lasagna to vegan nuggets. Beyond dining, the vegan hot spot is also known to throw special events like their “Let’s Meet Vegans” that was held last year on Sept. 25. On that day, guests got to enjoy a vegan buffet as well as a fun lineup of live music and board games.


The Vegan Lab

Decked along Dahab’s quiet Fanar Street is the all-wood beach-style dining spot known to many as The Vegan Lab. This plant-based eatery is not only aesthetically pleasing with its open-faced interiors and hanging potted plants, but the restaurant is also known to serve mouth-watering, healthy vegan dishes from their vibrant smoothie bowls to their flourless pancakes. They also place strong attention on making sure each of their dishes are rich in nutrients and packed with plant-based ingredients to up the diner’s experience.

To learn more about their special menu, you can give them a call on this number: 0109 821 6080


Making a huge comeback after being shut down for 12 years, Dahab’s iconic Tota is returning to Egypt’s well-loved resort town. This restaurant was well-loved back in the 80s, which is why its return has excited many of its old timers as today they get to re-visit it and remember all their memories within its special interiors. Tota is not only known for its locally sourced food and lively music, but it also serve many plant-based dishes that place an emphasis on vegan and vegetarian burgers.

El Gouna

Pachamama Wellness Coffee House

Making a recent addition to the infamous port town, Pachamama is El Gouna’s latest hub for all vegetarians and vegans out there. This breakfast and brunch spot serves a huge menu of crowd favorites including pancakes, French toast, big breakfast platters, salads, and everything in between. Upping the health factor, many of its dishes focus on serving organic based and locally sourced ingredients especially green and fresh components like radish, roasted seeds, and pickled beets.

For more information about prices and reservations, you can give them a call using this number: 0127 755 5505

With just the month kicking off, it’s time to hit up these vegan-friendly spots with your loved ones for a rich dining experience in Egypt’s top cities and towns.

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