9 Stages You Go Through When Your Best Friend Moves Away

All best friends know that there comes a time when each must follow their own path and lead a separate life. You’ve been so accustomed to being joined at the hip that you’re almost surprised that you’re separate people.

Undoubtedly, having your best friend move away sucks. It creates a void that can’t even be filled with pizza and ice cream (no matter how hard you try). Only the best of friends can understand how boring life is without an equally crazy conspirer to waste your days. While we can all understand that life without that surrogate sibling is rough, it takes more than a little distance to sever the bonds of true friendship.

Here are nine stages you go through when your best friend moves away:



Saying Goodbye



Goodbyes are never easy, but when it’s time for the final farewell, you have scripted an entire scene from a movie and feel like you are sending your firstborn to war.



The day you realize they’re not here



It all felt pretty surreal but when you’re about call them to come over and watch the latest episode of Scandal, you realize they’re not here. It’s just as heartbreaking as reaching for a jar of Nutella only to realize that it’s empty.



Obsessive calling



When you realize that your phone bill isn’t nearly as much as your 3G bill even though 85% of your conversations are: “Can you hear me?”



Going to their house when they’re not there



When you drive by their house and end up having a three-hour conversation with their mom and Snapchatting everything within a 20-meter radius just because you miss them so much.



Unusual sleeping schedules



When you can only talk to each other at certain times and end up waking up at 6pm because you were up all night Skyping.



Self vs. Self-conflict in the changing room



When you’re in a store and can’t decide if you should get a top because your best friend hasn’t seen your WhatsApp and given you her stamp of approval yet.



The countdown



When you start counting down four weeks in advance because you know they’re coming back soon and can FINALLY go to the places you didn’t go to for months – because it was just too painful.



When they come to visit



You think they’re here to stay but are only in town for two days and you realize that you will have to go through the whole cycle all over again.



The day they come back



You plan on having the most insane welcome back but end up spending the day sitting on their couch, watching E! news and eating Indomie noodles. But it’s okay, because you’re finally reunited!



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