9 Signs You’re in Love with Your Boss

There is a reason why everyone loves watching Heba Regl El-Ghorab, we can all relate to her torment. Who hasn’t felt like a misfit at a new job or intimidated by the gorgeous co-workers who have their shit together? And, most of all, haven’t we all been smitten by a senior at work at one point in our lives?

Adham and Heba (characters played by Hazem Samir and Amy Samir Ghanem) are the epitome of a dysfunctional office romance. She looks and dresses like shit, he is hot; she stutters, he has swag; she is naive and he is conniving, so basically this relationship is a doomed recipe for disaster.

The worst thing about lusting over your boss is being obvious as daylight about it. Talk about adding embarrassment to rejection! If you think you are too smart for everyone in the office to notice, I have a surprise for you: Everyone has been there, done that and knows these signs like the back of their hands.



1. You take forever to get dressed and always show up at work looking your best and never without makeup and occasionally heels


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2. You keep coming up with excuses to go to your boss’s office





3. You read your emails 15 times before you send him anything, always thinking of something funny or sassy to add, but you always sound like a loser





4. You dream of the days when you will be asked to work late and you think of excuses for everyone to leave so it’s just the two of you





5. You are always intimidated by the hot girl at work


maxresdefault (1)



6. You have your own group of gossipy female piranhas whose sole purpose is to convince you that he has the hots for you





7. You are always the first one to arrive at work and hate weekends





8. You stalk him on social media and plan on killing the women in his Instagram photos





9. You find yourself in awkward situations where you try to convince him you have the same lifestyle


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