9 Reasons Arabs Got Talent’s Mirna Magdy Is Our Goals

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We all know that most, if not all, reality shows are staged. It’s a known fact that contestants on talent shows are usually filtered by another judging panel before they perform in front of the celebrities panel.


It’s always heartbreaking when we come across shows that chose to allow some people to go on stage just so they can mock them. Why? Because it’s quite obvious they’re not going anywhere on the show and that their sole purpose is to become a laughing stock. The latest person to go viral on Arabs Got Talent is Mirna Magdy, and while most people are laughing at her, we’re absolutely loving her!


Magdy is confident, sassy, funny and free-spirited. We only wish we were half as laid back as she is. Here are 9 reasons why this lady is our goals:



She’s the queen of hair flipping




She believes she is a makeup artist




She believes she’s a model




She’s an actor who can improvise on the spot in front of Ahmed Helmy




She’s Tarek Nour’s newest prodigy




She’s a songstress who can perform in front of Nagwa Karam




She is a strong independent woman who will waltz alone




In mere seconds, she got her own hashtag; #Shohoreya




When it’s time to be or not be, she WILL be

ميرنا ?لو متفرجتش علفيديو دا هتندم المعني الحقيقي للضحك ????#منشن وشيررر ?❤ #الشهورية ?#فولو ??❤خدلك لفه جوه البروفايل ولو عجبك متنساش السي فيرست #see_first ?

Posted by Omar S.Mohamed on Friday, April 7, 2017