8 Ways on How to Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle

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By Sarah Alblowi

The revolution of minimalism is rapidly growing and we can’t get enough. The lifestyle choice that saves you money, waste, time, and stress; who doesn’t want that? Minimalism sounds like a rich old man’s hobby, where you own nothing in a white on white space. However, it’s nothing to shy away from, in the case you can control how far you decide to go. Many of us actually already practice these choices unconsciously. Living in the city and following gurus on social media brain-washed us into accumulating unneeded garbage.

With these beginner-friendly steps, you won’t be another hoarder.


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You need to get rid of all the hoarded junk, CDs, clothes, magazines, old technology, and start your journey on a clean slate. Declutter one area at a time and donate your unused or duplicated items or toss em! They’re only clogging up your space! You can even use an instant junk removal service to take the unwanted items away for you so that you can create a cleaner and more livable environment for yourself.

Change your wardrobe

Karl Lagerfeld said it best, “trendy is the last step before tacky!” Sequence, neons, latex? I don’t think so, it’s time we dress elegantly! Stop shopping to impress by falling into trendy fast fashion! Start investing in clean and classic timeless pieces like a basic blazer, black leather jacket, high quality basic white tee, and more. Remember, most high fashion brands go for this simple taste of fashion, so dress humbly like a million bucks! Zara, H&M, and Topshop are great if you can practice self-control and want cheaper options.

Eat simply, and healthy

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This will help you keep your weight off and your budget intact. Let’s be real, eating Burger King and McDonald’s every day is not cute. Think about the grease, acne, and body fat! Keep your pantry stocked with a few, yet loved wholesome ingredients. Remember, less is more!

Go paperless

Clear desk, clear mind! Investing in a good laptop will save you jammed papers, binders, pens, and it’s eco-friendly. Keep your important paperwork in a single divided binder, simple! There’s E-books, calendars, online newspapers, music, and software. Then what would you possibly need paper for?

Cut down relationships

Being surrounded by toxic people blocks your blessings and goals. Simplify your social life from constant judgment and exhausting plans. Instead of clubbing or eating out, find yourself! Being alone is not necessarily a bad thing, it feeds self-discovery.

Invest in high quality items

Choosing quality over quantity will save you money and effort. Good furniture and clothes will last at least 10 years. Cheap purchases will break faster and catapult you into a re-buying rat race!


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Dust off your brain and declutter negative thoughts and stress to allow room for new ideas and happy feelings. Practicing meditation and relaxation techniques improves mental health, making you pure inside and out. Allow mistakes, forgive yourself, and try again.

Clear your Technology

Unsubscribe to junk mail, clear your desktop, and filter your internet friends. If we’re going to spend hours on our phones let’s at least make it productive and straight to the point.

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