8 Underrated Arab Musicians That Should Be On Your Playlist

If you think that you know every single Arab musician, then you are completely wrong. In the Arab world, especially in Egypt, there are a few musicians that are dominating the scene, not giving much space to those euphonious talented musicians who are still rising. So if you are bored from the type of music you hear and you want to shift things around, here are 8 Arab musicians that you will never regret giving a chance!

Asia Madani

Asia is a Sudanese authentic singer that possesses a powerful voice and a dexterous aptitudes in playing drums. It’s not only her voice that you’ll enjoy, but also the irreplaceable scene that she creates on stage that will make you fall in love with the Sudanese culture.

Luca Blue  

Luca Blue is considered to be the voice for every Arab girl who’s had enough from our society that always confines a woman to wearing dresses, talking quietly, and acting as society entails. Her rebellious lyrics are an inspiration!

Kareem Hosem 

Attention all Shawn Mandes fans, you have now an Arab version of him, Kareem Hosem is a passionate singer who probably will make want to here him over and over again.

Hend El-Rawy

Back to our roots, Rawy’s songs are actually a fusion between modern rock and Bedouin style music. We can’t say much about this type of music and her powerful voice other than it is a collab from heaven.


Most people call them “the Nubian shenanigans” and we just couldn’t find them a better description. “Hawidro” means “the return” in Nubian and their songs are in “Afro-Egyptian” language, and they are probably one of few who nailed such music style in the middle-east.

Shahira Kamal Band AKA Shahira Wel Nas El-Khatira 

Shahira’s band works on how to get you out from your miserable mood, basically her music will make you feel on cloud-nine from happiness. In a nutshell, this type of music will fire up any party!

Nour Khanne 

Nour khanne is a voice that deserve our full attention, simply you will relish every second of her songs. Aside from the harmonious music. Simply, if you are looking for a new voice with a calming tune to start your morning with, then Khanne is the perfect choice.

Les Orientals

It seems that Viktor Hugo had a far vision when he named his poetry book by “Les Orientals”, he never knew that the centuries will pass and a beautiful band like this will be born. 3 solo beautiful ladies from the heart of Algeria, that do not present only stupendous songs, but also they present the culture of magical Algeria through their oriental songs.

DosCuerdas Duo

To all Tango music fans, DosCuerdas should be on your playlists! Their Latin guitar cover songs will always satisfy your inner Latina Dancer. It’s quite refreshing seeing Arabs playing the guitar to cover someone other than Guns n’ Roses!

WE SAID THIS: We wish you all the best of luck!