8 Things to Do at Home in the Rain

It looks like it’s going to be a rainy weekend in Cairo, and you know what that means? We’ll all be staying home of course to avoid the flooded streets.

So while you’re home dying of boredom, we’re here to give you a few ideas about what to do with all that free time on your hands.



1. Binge watching



It’s time to get out your portable hard drive and watch the movies you’ve been collecting from every passer by for the past five years! Snuggle up in bed and convince your mum to make you some popcorn – because you’re being lazy, of course – and glue your eyes to the screen til you’ve finished that long list!



2. Have a game night



What’s it gonna be? Twister, Jenga, Ouija, Monopoly or Risk? The last time I played Risk with my sister, we ended up not talking for two whole days… and I still don’t play with my cousin anymore, so just be careful, when you’re as competitive as we are, games can either get really fun or really nasty!



3. Get creative in the kitchen!



There are so many delicious recipes we’ve all been wanting to try foreveeeer! So let’s get messy this weekend and actually try them. We know we’ll add on a few pounds and so let me take you to my next point.



4. Exercise


Young happy woman doing fitness exercises at home

Yes, it’s winter. Yes, we’re lazy. But we’re staying home anyway, so let’s take the chance and try to stop being a couch potato!



5. Spend time with your family



They’re nice people once you get to know them. Take this as an opportunity, and if they get into politics, just play dead.



6. Read


books and tea

You know those books piled on your bedside table that are as stacked higher than Mount Everest by now? Start reading them!



7. Tidy your room or wardrobe



Your mum will love you!



8. Craft



Check out our endless list of DIY and get busy!



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