8 Things to Change in Your Daily Routine

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By Yasmine Dawood

Who wants to change the world to a better place? I know I do! And if you do too, please join the club! But wait, how can we do that without changing ourselves first? Each of us has their very own unique daily routine, but the only thing in common among all of us is our need for change.

Whether you’re a change addict or not, here a few changes that will add something to your daily routine. That’s of course if it doesn’t already make you feel brand new and help you explore every detail in your day with a different perspective.

A routine mainly consists of some repeated actions you do constantly and I would like to guarantee you that nothing is going to drastically change because I believe that you’re amazing the way you are. But regardless here is a list to help spice up your day:

Your breakfast spot

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Morning sunshine! Oh, wait, the sun is everywhere, right? That’s why you should change the place you have your morning breakfast every once in a while. Spread your light over as many places as you can and try out a different view every day. Maybe there is a beautiful tiny little detail in another place you never thought about having breakfast at. That will actually make you feel positively different before you start your day.  

Take a photo

Yes, you that’s right! Sometimes we forget what day it is because we assume that we did not see or do anything memorable during the whole week except for going to work or whatever our idea of routine is. It automates us and the day passes without us noticing how it may have changed us.

That’s why if you take a photo every day, you’ll know that you’re not just living another day, no, you’re actually making memories. A photo of anything; of the street you’re walking in, the traffic lights, a shop’s name, your morning coffee, a person you love, a book you’re reading, a friend of yours, literally anything.

Your style

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Every once in a while, I go and buy something that is far from my style, and I never understand why do this, occasionally spend money on stuff that I can’t even imagine myself wearing. But now I get it, I gave it a try, I did not really check myself in the mirror, before going out, and I went out acting as confident as possible. And guess what? It was amazing. It was almost like putting myself in a stranger’s shoes literally, which is an exquisite new feeling that will excite you and refresh your mood. That applies to your hairstyle as well.

Add a flower/scented candle to your day

As stated by Rutgers researches, flowers have a direct impact on boosting a person’s mood and fighting depression or anxiousness. Adding a flower to your day, any kind of flower can have a great effect on how you’re feeling even if you do not really pay attention to it.

As for scented candles, how many times did you smell a scent that reminds you of a pleasurable memory? Have you ever wondered why you automatically feel that way? Well, our sensory system is connected to the emotional center of the brain, which means that scents play a very important role in affecting our emotions. As there are many products such as a Scentsy Circle, oils, and candles that emit various smells, there is pretty much a scent out there for everyone. Everyone has their preferences. Studies show that jasmine, vanilla, cinnamon, and lavender-scented candles can actually help you tranquilize and nurture your mind. Scentsy Circle

Cut off social media for a bit

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Watching people’s lives may be affecting you without you even noticing. Some days are just calmer than others, some days are just gloomy, and these days take place in everyone’s life. Our idea of happiness or fun varies among every one of us. So, by automatically checking the stories of other people before going to bed or at the moment, we open our eyes, a very tiny part of our brain gets affected by the idea of happiness that is linked to other people. A little part of us feels like we are not happy enough, which will definitely have an impact on how we feel throughout the day.

That’s exactly why you need to evaluate your attachment to your phone, especially to social media, and spend that time you’re hopefully going to spare with yourself. Start admiring who you are and enjoying the little details without having a distorted idea of happiness influenced by others on the back of your head.

Create a gratitude list

Not a long one, you don’t need to evaluate your whole life every day. Just noting down 3 things you are grateful for every day is enough to make you feel blessed and glad that you have got the chance to spend another good day. Oh, and it does not have to be anything specific. For instance, I once wrote down that I’m grateful for not losing my favorite coffee mug like all the socks I’ve lost. I remember that day I had to squeeze in ‘shopping for socks ‘ in a very busy day, but thank God I did not have to do it without drinking my morning coffee.

PS: I write some pretty important stuff I’m grateful for too!  

Change the route


Driving or even walking the same exact route every day to go to work can be really boring. You may find yourself automatically reaching the destination without even looking around since you’re programmed to walk/drive through the same roads regularly. Changing your route will actually let you see some new sites; a new shop, a person you know, or even a new bakery where you can get some cookies to make your ride more delicious!

Replace your night shower with a bath

A relaxing bath is never to be compared to a fast shower only to freshen up before you go to bed. If you have the time, indulge yourself with a calming bubble bath just to discharge all the negative energy that might have been accumulated through the day. Try to lay there thinking about nothing, it will definitely help you be more productive the next day with nothing troubling your night sleep.

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