8 Things That Would Happen To Girls If Chocolate Went Extinct

We all love chocolate so much it hurts to even think of a world that does not include chocolate. We wouldn’t mind going out of our way just to get a little taste of the closest thing we have that resembles heaven. We tried to overcome our pain and imagine a world without chocolate. It was hard — very hard, but we attempted to do it!



1. We might actually be able to lose weight





2. We will never be able to look like that, but let’s face it, we will never look like that either way!


200 (3)



3. There will be nothing to get excited about


giphy (1) (3)



4. There will be nothing but sadness because we would always be neutral because nothing can compete with chocolate





5. We would be so stressed out that we will flee our planet and go look for chocolate somewhere else


giphy (2) (4)



6. Just like Gwen Stefani taught us how to spell “b-a-n-a-n-a”, chocolate taught us how to behave, and without it we’d be animals!





7. The only time we look like this is when we dream of chocolate. We will have to kiss this *adorable* sleepy look goodbye





8. We would be as confused as Taylor Swift’s love life because chocolate is the only thing that keeps us balanced and focused





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