8 Reasons Why Samira Said Is Basically the Female Version of Amr Diab

We need to talk about Samira Said! Other than the fact that she’s a queen and her hit “Youm Wara Youm” was everyone’s national anthem at some point in their lives, she’s 58-years-old. Did you read that? SHE IS 58! CAN WE LOOK HALF AS GOOD AS HER WHEN WE ARE HER AGE?


We’ve decided to go through the Moroccan singer’s Instagram to prove our theory that she’s the female version of Amr Diab, aka they’re both graceful vampires who don’t ever age.



This is Samira years and years and years and years ago


#Nostalgie ?

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This is Samira now 




Like honestly? Did she get younger or what?




What lotion does she use? Does she drink diet Coke? Does she eat quinoa? What’s your secret?


Good Morning ??

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Can you just drop whatever you’re doing right now and look at her?!?!




Asala obviously wants to know her secret but Samira is having none of it 




Okay, so we are convinced she is the inspiration behind the Curious Case of Benjamin Button 


#Old but #Gold #Nostalgie ?

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We’re just gonna sit here and hope that one day a strand of glorious hair falls and a gust of wind carries it to where we are and it brushes our face and blesses us with immortality 




WE SAID THIS: Bow down to Samira!