8 Phrases Arab Vegetarians Are Sick of Hearing

Due to the limited number of vegetarians in our society, uttering the phrase, “I’m a vegetarian” can lead to many err… interesting remarks. Here are a few common and honestly irritating ones.



1. People assume you’re doing it to lose weight



While some people do go vegetarian for dietary or health reasons, people can choose to go vegetarian for a number of reasons, many of which may not even be related to health.



2. “So what can you eat?”



Believe it or not, we don’t live off of salad and oxygen. Vegetarians can eat anything, just as long as it doesn’t contain meat. That’s kind of the whole point.



3. “I was a vegetarian for two days one time”



Interesting story. Please tell me more. Congratulations on having the discipline to last two whole days, by the way. Would you like a medal for that?



4. “Mat3eesh/y 3eeshet ahlak/eh”



My parents grew up several decades ago; many things have changed since then. I’m doing what I believe is right, even if it doesn’t align with tradition. Also, what if someone had murderers for parents? Would you still urge them to ye3esho 3eshet ahlohom?



5. “Oh, so you can’t eat eggs?”



Please refer back to number 2.



6. “You’re still eating plants, though! Someone had to kill those plants so you could eat them. Vegetarians are hypocrites.”



I don’t know, maybe it’s because plants don’t have nervous systems and therefore cannot feel pain?



7. “You can’t get protein without meat, so being vegetarian is actually unhealthy.”


Thank you for this expert diagnosis. But you are aware that it’s possible to get proteins from plants, right?



8. “Do you want a bite from my burger?”





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