8 Kitchen Hacks, Tips and Tricks that Will Get You Cooking

These cooking hacks are so brilliant you’ll want to try them for dinner tonight (and breakfast tomorrow and lunch and a midnight snack while we’re at it) just to see if they really work!


1. A quick way to peel a garlic clove:

Because everyone loves garlic (and it’s food magic).


2. How to cook a steak to the right level: The Finger/Hand Test!

steak finger hand test

The way your palm feels under your pointer finger is the way the steak should feel at the labeled temperature.


3. Make perfectly boiled eggs

Baking soda Eggs

Adding baking soda to the pot while boiling balances the pH level of the eggs and makes them easier to peel.


4. Reduce fat and grease from your food

Remove Fat from Food

Add a few ice cubes to greasy cooked soups and stews, blot greasy pizza and refrigerate canned food before preparation.


5. Learn how to make the three basic sauces

Red Sauce:

White Sauce:

Brown Sauce:

6. Cut tomatoes like a Ninja!

7. Everyone likes a snack!


8. Caramelize your life

And especially your onions!


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