7 Hijab-Friendly Costumes You Didn’t Know You Needed This Halloween

For those of us who are celebrating Halloween this year, that means we need to land on a decision for a costume because we are running out of time. As a hijabi, I personally know how hard it is to fit in in a Halloween party without looking odd. So here’s a list of the most hijab-friendly costumes and cosplays that I have found. The costumes are all so flexible. Feel free to play around as much as you want to fit in with your hijab-style; lengthen your top, loosen your trousers, lighten down the make-up…whatever that suits you.


Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

Assassin Ezio

Cat woman

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Harley Quinn

Evil Queen

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Sinister Asajj Ventress

Fairy Godmother

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WE SAID THIS: Looks like I need to start shopping! Happy Halloween, everybody!