6 Reasons That Prove Egyptians and Italians Are Literally the Same

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You probably heard about how Mediterranean countries have so much in common. Well, that is true, but if there’s one country in particular that shares so much with Egypt, it’s Italy. Yes, it’s true that Italy is Europe’s Egypt, and we’re pretty much similar to Italians — they just wear better shoes.


Below are six similarities Om El Donia shares with il bel paese, Italia.



Means of Communication


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Whether we like it or not, we’re both too loud in public. We even exaggerate pronouncing every single word in a sentence, and when words fail, it’s no big deal. That’s why God gave us hands, right?





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Driving as well as crossing the streets in both Egypt and Italy are considered extreme sports. You need to make a silent agreement with the driver before crossing, and whether you make it or not.



Time is not really money


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An hour is equivalent to 60 minutes all around the world, except for these two countries. One hour is probably equivalent to 2-3 more hours, and every hour is about 30 more minutes, you do that math!



Were both foodies


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We might not be master-chefs when it comes to pizza and pasta. However, we both appreciate food and know the value of decent cuisine.



Italian Architecture


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The resemblance with Italian architecture in Egypt is probably due to the cross-cultural exchange between the two nations across history. Walking down Via Paolo Sacchi in Torino is just like having a walk around Korba or in Fouad street in Alexandria.



The Egyptian Museum


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Yes, you just read that! Believe it or not, The Egyptian Museum is the most important museum in Torino. It houses one of the largest collections of Egyptian antiquities, with more than 30,000 artifacts. Souvenirs in the city are all camels, Pharaohs and pyramids.



WE SAID THIS: So yes, Egypt and Italy are basically the same.