6 Ethical Clothing Brands You Should Know

Shopping for clothes has become an exercise in dodging ethical landmines. It seems like there isn’t an ethical way to do anything these days, but especially shop for high quality clothing…or is there? If you know the right places to look, you can find premium craftsmanship at a fraction of the price of designer brands with a totally guilt-free experience. There are clothing brands that prioritize environmentalism, that prioritize human rights, and some overachievers that do both! And with online shopping becoming so common place, you have a world of options at your fingertips. It is easier now more than ever to find high quality garments to reflect your personal style that also reflect your personal moral belief system.

Of course, when you are building your wardrobe, you want clothes you can feel good about, but you also want to look good IN them, too. So this list curated high quality, ethical brands that also have a fashionable twist to their product line.If you want to forge out into the world on your own and find brands in the wild, look for markers that the company is participating in ethical initiatives like the Better Cotton Initiative or an ethical trade organization. So without further ado, here are six ethical clothing brands you should know.


The base of every Pact product is their sustainable, organic cotton, which is then processed by exclusively fair trade and labor practice certified factories. But Pact’s thoughtfulness does not end there. Their care for the planet extends to even the shipping materials they use to deliver your clothes to your door. Best of all, they offer clothing of all types for the whole family: women, men, and kids of all ages. Pact differs from other clothing brands on this list in that it also produces fair trade home goods for sale with their sustainable organic cotton. Awesome!

Frank Doo Little: Union Made Clothing

When it comes to ethical production, you just can not beat a union. That is why Frank Doolittle: Union Made Clothing was the perfect fit for this list. While they might not share the same minimalist aesthetics most sustainable and ethical clothing brands opt for, Frank Doolittle represents the hardworking men and women of America who keep our workforce strong.

By supporting Frank Doolittle, you are supporting unions as well as a team of dedicated graphic designers who will provide you with honest service at a fantastic price. Frank Doolittle offers custom designs and will happily work with their clients to create a custom piece everyone can be satisfied with. And it is these custom designs that set Frank Doolittle apart.


Boody is pretty straightforward about the types of garments they provide for customers: clothes for the booty, and everything else that goes with it. Boody provides the softest, coziest loungewear, undergarments, and activewear money can buy. (But fortunately, you won’t need to spend a ton to get great value at Boody!)

Boody uses high quality, sustainable materials like bamboo to make their clothes for men, women, and even kids! They are ECOCERT certified and PETA approved vegan. They are also incredibly mindful of labor practices in the production of their garments, which has earned them the seal of approval from Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) organization. WRAP sets global standards for fair workplace conditions, and Boody blows them all away!

Happy Earth

Happy Earth is an outdoorsy brand geared towards nature enthusiasts who love to look good and feel good about what they are wearing. Happy Earth actually participates in three separate environmental initiatives as a brand, and then customers can choose to which cause their proceeds go.

The three initiatives are clean air, anti-deforestation, and recycling. Upon purchase of a Happy Earth garment, you will then be prompted to choose a pin that corresponds with the charity you’d like to contribute to.In addition to being ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, the pins are so cute! You will want to collect them all (alongside Happy Earth’s stellar warm weather apparel.)


AllSaints is the highest end brand on this list, but the coolest thing about AllSaints is how accessible they remain despite their prestige in the business. There is a definitive sense of “cool” wrapped up in every garment AllSaints produces, and you should feel good about looking as cool as you do in them! AllSaints is known primarily for their high quality vegan leather biker jackets and denim garments like jeans and jackets.AllSaints uses only Responsible Wool Standard certified wool for their wool products and is committed to using Better Cotton Initiative approved cotton in the majority of their products going forward. These little changes in manufacturing add up to a big payoff in terms of sustainability.

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