5 Things that Will Get You Cut From the Debkah Line

Who doesn’t love a good debkah line? You start off slow, get pumped, fly through the roof… It’s freakin’ awesome. But there is an unspoken debkah code that needs to be well spoken about. We can all have a merry time going in circles and getting sweaty palms, but lets lay down some rules.


Cutting the line


The thwara ya nas was not fought so you could reinstall inequality and cut the line. Stay in your place.



Doing too much


When the debkah line is going at a certain pace and all you’re doing is ikhla3ing.



Not knowing wtf you’re doing


If you can’t even maintain the step- step- kick, it’s time to fallback and just watch.



Hijacking the debkah line


Let’s not deny the power trip that comes naturally to Arabs, we can’t all be the ras.



Segregating the debkah line


It’s 2015 and the hajjeh’s be stopping like it’s nobody’s business.


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