5 of the Worst Things Over-Protective Parents Teach Their Kids

Growing up with strict and over-protective parents, I’ve realized a few things. There’s only so much damage that can happen until the parents realize that they can’t control their kids forever and until the children realize that they can’t change their parents, no matter what.

It differs from child to child, but in our modern society where rebellion and freedom of speech are taught, over-protective parents won’t get very far with kids these days.

Here are five of the worst things over-protective parents are teaching their children:



1. How to lie



We will lie and get caught, lie and get caught and lie and get caught until we master the art of lying and deception. This pattern creates a split personality where kids act like they’re one person with their parents and another with the world.



2. How to get around any obstacle



Whatever restriction parents place on their kids, the kids will learn to get around it. They will even get creative and awesome in their ways, I can tell you that. After a while, getting around the rules and breaking them will no longer be a fear-inducing event for the kids, but a satisfying game.



3. Bye-bye, logic



Because overprotective parents sometimes seemingly have no reasonable explanation for their very strict rules, their children won’t respect or understand the importance of logic.



4. Bye-bye, respect



Lying to their parents’ faces with no discretion over and over will turn the kids cold. Over time, they will feel no guilt in doing so and all the respect they have for the parents will fade. Not only their parents, but lying to anyone’s face won’t faze them anymore. In the long run, this will ruin their future relationships.



5. Moderation won’t be in their dictionary



Kids won’t learn the necessity of moderation in their life because they’ve been raised with overprotective parents. Their scale is either easy-going or extremely strict, no in between. Also, when they grow up and have their own kids, they will either let their kids do anything they want because they hated the way their parents raised them or they will raise them exactly the way they have been raised. Either way, no moderation.



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