5 Must-Have Economical Gadgets for Your Grow Room

Marijuana for promoting wellness has become a hot topic nowadays. Currently, medical cannabis is legal in 33 US states, and more people are opting for the herb for alleviating their symptoms. Each state has its own rules and regulations to buy, possess, consume, and grow marijuana.

If you live in one of the marijuana legalized states and thinking of producing quality buds at home, you need to do proper research on the topic. Before you start growing, it’s important to learn everything from sowing to harvesting, and also about the gadgets for your marijuana grow room. Let’s discuss some of the best, economical gadgets that can help you create the best cannabis grow space.

Here are 5 economical gadgets you should buy today:

Air Extractor Fans

For proper growth, marijuana plants require fresh air, thus you should ensure proper ventilation. However, poor airflow can lead to the development of bugs, fungi, and mold. 

For outdoor cultivation, air can easily circulate, allowing plants to grow healthy and strong but, if you are growing marijuana plants indoors, you must control airflow and maintain air exchange carefully. Make sure the size of the ducting should match with that of the tent size. If possible, don’t add any bends in the ducting. You can suspend extractor fans from the roof, and running ducting vertically.

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Carbon Filters

As the name suggests, carbon filters can help in controlling the intense smell of the plants. They are usually installed in the exhaust system. It’s important to note that these filters don’t change the smell of the plants, but prevent the smell from leaking out of the room.

There’s a wide range of carbon filters with different filter capacity available. If you use a small filter, it can help you reduce the lifespan of the extractor fan as well as the effectiveness of the room.

Typically, if you are growing up to three plants, you don’t require any carbon filter. However, if you’re growing more plants, you need the carbon filtration system to eliminate the smell of marijuana plants.

To maintain the proper functioning of your carbon filter and make it last longer, make sure you clean it regularly. Shake it vigorously to remove trapped dust and submerge it in the soapy water for at least 15 minutes.

EC & pH Meters

EC meters are electronic devices, which are used for checking the electrical conductivity of fluids. Thus, you can easily determine the electro-conductivity of the nutrient solution, and avoid problems such as nutrient imbalances.

There are two types of EC meters—portable and continuous meters. Portable meters are easy to use and carry, and they give a quick reading once you submerge electrodes in the solution. However, continuous meters are always connected with the electrodes that are submerged in the solution. Thus, these meters provide continuous readings.

pH meters are for checking the degree of acidity/alkalinity of the solution. You can place the meter around the plant roots to determine the type of nutrients that need to be increased. Remember, your plants won’t grow healthy if the pH of the root area is too high or too low.

Humidifier/ Dehumidifier

When it comes to marijuana growing, humidity control is one of the major challenges. Humidity fluctuates regularly, and it may affect the quality of buds. According to experts, the optimal humidity level during the growing stage should be 70% while for drying, it should be 45-55%. However, for adjusting the environmental conditions, you can use humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Humidifiers are electrical appliances used for increasing the moisture in the grow room. You can find a wide range of humidifiers in the market, make sure you carefully select the one right for your grow room.

Similarly, dehumidifiers can help in removing excessive moisture, which can damage the marijuana plants. The devices work for protecting the plants from mold, mildew and other diseases.

To get the most out of humidifiers and dehumidifiers, you need to consider several things. Make sure there’s proper ventilation in the grow room. Where you place the equipment can provide a great impact on how much moisture they draw or increase in the room.

Thermo Hygrometer

In addition to nutrients, marijuana plants need an optimal environment to grow. Temperature is an important factor to consider for measuring temperature and relative humidity, you can place digital devices in the grow space. By doing so, you can easily adjust several factors, thus providing your plants with the best environmental conditions.

In addition to basic measures, Thermo hygrometers also have some other features such as measuring temperature and humidity of another space. Thus, you can determine both indoor and outdoor conditions. They have special alarm systems, which provide quick notifications in case of a drop or rise of any parameter. Moreover, the devices have communication units, which allow you to check readings from remote locations.

The Final Words

Growing marijuana at home is the best way to produce high-quality buds, which can help you alleviate your symptoms completely. In addition to proper nutrients, marijuana plants also need proper environmental conditions to grow healthy. Maintaining the optimal temperature, humidity, pH, etc. becomes easier when you use special technology devices such as hygrometer, pH meter, etc. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are effective in increasing and decreasing the moisture in the grow room respectively. When buying gadgets for your grow room, make sure you consider your needs and other factors such as the size of the room, number of plants, etc.

WE SAID THIS: To grow cannabis plants legally at home for personal use, you need an MMJ card. Talk to licensed medical marijuana doctors to apply for your card.