5 Messages Egyptian Parents Need To Know

Egyptian parents suffer to secure a decent life for their kids, so they try to impose what is, to them, an ideal life for us. In this midst of this process, some of them unintentionally overlook a few things. Here are five messages to those parents.



This is our time



Remember when you were young and all you wanted was to enjoy your life? We have the same wish; we want to have the time of our lives before it is too late to enjoy life. We have fears, we don’t want to grow up and regret our youth. Going out and traveling with friends is not wasting time, it creates memories and will make us happier if you let us.



We’ll be happier if we try to achieve our dreams



We know that you want happiness and stability for us, but we have dreams that might be different than what you wish. We will not let ourselves be homeless, but we want freedom to dream and go out and try. Making mistakes at an early age will make us more wise 10 years later, which is much better than being an inexperienced, 40-year-old family man or woman.



We are confused


TV debate audience

Being 20-something graduates and employees doesn’t mean that we are ready to face the cruelty of real life. We might try different jobs before settling on a career. We might fall in love several times to know what we really want. What is totally true is that all these attempts are experiences that will later shape who we are.



The world has changed



What worked 25 years ago would not necessarily work today. Simple observations can prove that the world has become more open, and thus people’s needs and behaviors. It is understandable for a pharmacy graduate to want to work as a photographer because that’s what he/she loves doing.



We love you



If we want to be independent and live alone, it doesn’t mean that we hate you or we don’t need you. We love you and we’ll always need your guidance even if we pretend not to care.



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