5 Egyptian Fashion Brands You Seriously Need to Check out

Egypt’s fashion scene has definitely blossomed. Over the last few years, more and more designers have been bringing their talents on the table and taking them to a whole new level.

Not only that, but entrepreneurs are also increasing day after the other, investing their time, effort and innovation into creating brands with great potential. Here’s a list of local brands that you need to check out.


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This isn’t your average bracelet, it’s a fusion of vibrancy, life experiences and a humane cause. Not only does the brand happen to be the result of a couples’ journey, but it’s also one with a cause. Gurrandi aims to empower Egyptian craftsmen and craftswomen; every bracelet you buy helps a local artisan make a living and support his/her family.

Gurrandi, which translates to happiness in the Nubian language, is the product of a duo’s adventure trips around Egypt. Sara Mansiee and her husband, Khaled Khorshed, were inspired by their travels as well as our rich heritage and culture. They slowly started appreciating the land they once took for granted. This is where Gurrandi’s concept came from, the colourful handmade bracelets captured the essence of their adventures and each had a story to tell.


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The brand is the brainchild of Egyptian-American Marwa El Saadawi, and it promotes confidence, self-expression, charity, and celebration through the magnificent silver pieces.

El Saadawi was exposed to different forms of art from a very young age, and spent her time exploring local bazaars during her summer vacations in Egypt. This has helped her reflect the spirit of her homeland in her designs, resulting in the birth of Indira.

Indira doesn’t just sell its products in Egyptian concept stores such as Kaf Fatma and Mounaya Gallery, but they also showcase them in the US and the UAE as well.


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When it comes to footwear, Zee never failed to join forces with both style and comfort. They’ve proven that slippers can be chic and classy. The brand’s comfy slippers and sandals are not just fashionable but are offered at a very affordable price. You can easily find Zee’s products at any of CHOU’s branches all over Cairo and Alexandria

Buy Bouji

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This brand is redefining how you wear your shades by bringing back eyewear chains and cords like you’ve never seen them before. Buy Bouji have succeeded in turning the old lame cords — from something you use in order not to lose your glasses, into must-have statement jewelry.

Buy Bouji has the perfect cord for everyone as the brand offers a wide variety of gold plated cords with all sorts of beads, gems and cute little charms. You’ll definitely find the one for you that’s going to make you rock your specs/shades.


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Speaking of bringing things back, cardholders are back in style, thanks to Sabara. The brand reintroduces the typical cardholders with new vibrant designs. The mini creations are handmade with love and quality genuine leather. They can fit anywhere, and they can fit everything you need. They have room for some cash, credit card, ID and whatever goes into your wallet. However, your wallet, unlike Sabara’s card holder, won’t fit into your clutch or mini-purse. So, efficiency, check! Quality, check! Style, check! What more could you ask for?

WE SAID THIS: Having such local brands is simply an Egyptian pride. Goods made in Egypt are now competing with international brands over us. That’s great news after all, with the dollar going up and the quality of these products exceeding our expectations, going local is now a thing.