5 Health Benefits of The Red Sea

The Red Sea is known for its crystal clear water and breathtaking diving spots. However, the water and the salt of the Red Sea, specifically in Safaga, is hugely beneficial for your health. Below are the main health benefits of the Red Sea:


1. Curing Psoriasis


The mountainous landscape around the Red Sea acts as a natural barrier against wind and sand storms which makes the air free of any suspended grime that absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays. This makes it ideal for treating the chronic skin disease.



2. Curing Rheumatoid Arthritis


According to recent studies, the sand of the Red Sea contains minerals and certain radioactive elements that help cure rheumatoid arthritis. Patients of this disease are advised to be partially buried in the sand, at dusk and dawn, to maximize the benefits of the sand. This is quite an obscure way to help relieve symptoms; there are much easier ways to help ease your rheumatoid arthritis. The Paddison Program is one of those, with many alterations you can make to your lifestyle to improve the quality of living.



3. Improving blood circulation


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The Red Sea has a relatively high salt content due to the existence of many coral reefs, which helps improve blood circulation.



4. Reducing skin inflammations


Some areas of the Red Sea have black sand in their soil. The saltiness of the water, paired with the black sands, help reduce skin inflammations massively.



5. Natural Scrubber



The rocky parts of the Red Sea and the abundance of salt in its water makes for the ideal natural scrub.


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